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Plumber Prices

Plumbers 4 U are the only plumbing company in London that deliver an affordable service with a clear and direct pricing system.

Our plumber prices are honest and upfront with no hidden fees. Our rates can be seen clearly on our website and our team of friendly staff and 24-hour dispatchers are always happy to help and provide a quote before booking your job.

Our prices are competitive but the quality of our services never compromised. You can expect only the best from us at prices that won’t break the bank.

Standard Rates (per hour)

Rates Mon-Fri 7am-6pm Mon-Fri 6pm-12am Saturday 7am-6pm Saturday 6pm-12am Sunday 7am-6pm Sunday 6pm-12am Mon-Sun 12am-7am
Appliances £84.99 £149.99 £98.99 £149.99 £98.99 £149.99 £199.00
Fridge/Freezers £84.99 £149.99 £98.99 £149.99 £98.99 £149.99 £199.00
Plumbing £84.99 £149.99 £98.99 £149.99 £98.99 £149.99 £199.00
Electrics £84.99 £149.99 £98.99 £149.99 £98.99 £149.99 £199.00
Heating & Gas Work £84.99 £149.99 £98.99 £149.99 £98.99 £149.99 £199.00
Drain Jetting & CCTV £164.99 £194.99 £194.99 £194.99 £194.99 £194.99 £219.00
Boiler Service £84.99* £164.99* £164.99* £164.99
Gas Safety Certificate £84.99* £164.99* £164.99* £164.99
Gas Safety Certificate £164.99* £299.99*

*Fixed Price

Our Rates: We charge a minimum of one-hour labour and any additional time taken for the job to be completed will be billed in 15 minute increments (many other companies bill on an hourly basis).

Estimates: Our engineers can provide you with an estimate before any work is carried out at your request either verbally or in writing.

The Invoice: *At the end of the job you will be presented with a clear and concise invoice giving a detailed description of the work carried out and a breakdown of materials purchased.

Materials supplied: The cost of the labour does not include materials, which will be charged at the trade price with a 25% mark-up. Our prices are subject to VAT.

Payment: Upon receipt of this invoice, payment must be made in full by cash or credit card to our engineer.


No hidden fees You will only ever pay for our labour and any parts/materials that you purchase plus the VAT. There are no hidden fees and we under no circumstances will ever charge you for parking, travelling, fuel, congestion fees etc. Contact us on our 24-hour helpline: – 020 3582 0420 24 Hour.