Boiler malfunctions are an unwanted problem that occur far too often to unsuspecting homeowners. Even if you are the most proactive person with plumbing and electrical service, you might still fall victim to some common boiler problems. If you are in need of boiler service, the best choice in plumbers are those who provide 24 hour boiler repair. A working boiler can make a huge difference in your home’s comfort, and you do not want to have to wait days to have that peace of mind again.

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How Serious are Common Boiler Issues?


Common boiler issues can often be fixed without the need of a 24 hour boiler repair specialist. It can save you a lot of money if you routinely check your boiler for leaks and secure plumbing connections. Loss of heat or water pressure is typically the first indication of a boiler problem and catching the problem early on can save you from potentially needing to replace the entire boiler. Each system may be slightly different and could require specific methods for servicing and it is very important that you know the details of your boiler system.


Whether you have a gas, oil, or electric boiler can make a difference in the type of repairs you might need and how serious those repairs will be. No matter what the issue is with your boiler, it would not hurt to check with a plumber anyway. If nothing is drastically wrong but you are concerned about a noise or something out of the norm, call a plumber and schedule a time for them to come out and check. It will only benefit you to make sure everything is okay and nothing serious is about to happen.


Where to Find an Emergency Plumber


After assessing the issue, finding a plumber to repair the problem is the next step. Most people will try to find a plumber that is located in London, but that may not help if you are in serious need of a specialist and you do not live in London proper. The perimeter towns are just as likely to need 24 hour boiler repair services. If you live in Edgware, for example, plumbers in Chingford, or a plumber in Ealing, will be far more likely to assist you in a timely manner than someone who services a wide physical area. If you call a plumbing company that offers 24 hour service and they tell you the earliest they can reach you is in three days’ time, keep looking for a local plumber who will make you a priority.


At the end of the day, what is important is that everything in your home works properly from the smallest tap, to the entire boiler system. If something goes wrong with your boiler, call a plumber even if it doesn’t seem like that big of an issue. Every small problem can become a big problem if left unattended and if the resources are there to help you avoid this then by all means use them.