Plumbing incidents occur all the time and mainly when you least expect them to. That one day this month when you are just running late for work is the day that your faucet handle decides to break, spewing water all over your kitchen. It is like that old saying that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Well, let me tell you, when I drew the short straw that day, I prayed there was a 24-hour emergency plumber near me. Once I realized the closest one was an hour away, from that moment forward that became higher on my priority list than ever before. Once I finally moved to a new house, ensuring there was a 24-hour emergency plumber near me was like making sure the closest grocery store was not a half day’s adventure away.

I'm glad there's a 24 hour emergency plumber near me

Why is This So Important?

When it comes to fixing problems in my home, the two things I look for in my quest for a repairman is their speed and accuracy in getting the job done. If there is a plumbing accident at my flat in Stratford, and I need a plumber in East London, I want somebody who is close by. Plumbers in Chingford might have too far to travel due to traffic or other calls. As a result, my entire floor could be soaking wet, and any neighbours under me might also be faced with potential water damage by the time the plumbers get there. What I need is a 24-hour emergency plumber that could be at my home as quickly as possible.

Another problem that many people face when they spring a leak is that they might panic a little bit due to the surprise of the incident. I know I would go from calm to frantic very fast with the surprise of a bursting pipe while I am mid bite of warm toast. Calling the right plumber can not only fix the issue quickly but they can often walk you through at least the preliminary steps for solving the issue before they even arrive. The first step to solving a plumbing problem is to cut the water supply to the broken appliance or pipe and if you are unsure where the water supply cut-off valve is, a plumber can most likely assist you. At least this way the leak can be contained and at that point it is a matter of repair clean up.

Better Safe than Sorry

Even if I know all of my plumbing appliances are up to snuff, I still make sure I know the closest 24-hour emergency plumber in my area and that they know me. In situations like this it is always better to be proactive and ready just in case. Knowing your plumbers before the problem strikes might even give you some good tips that could help prevent any future disasters even more. Free advice can go a long way and when it comes to your home and your wallet, it is better to be safe than sorry.