Plumbers Case Study: Investigating a Water Leak in West Hampstead

One of our regular customers that deal with many HMO’s and local authority flats around the West Hampstead area asked us to investigate a leak that has been reported coming through the ceiling of a tenants property. We arranged to attend the above flat and immediately could see the reason for the leak downstairs. The silicone around the bath and in fact throughout the entire bathroom had either rotted or has come away from the wall leaving a gap exposed that was allowing water to drip through. In turn, this was causing the leak into the flat below.

A couple of hours on site and all the remaining old silicone had been removed and a fresh coat of extra thick silicone applied leaving the bathroom watertight as it should be! Find out our 5 ways for water leak detection on our previous blog post.

If you still need to a find a plumber in London to help you fix your leak, you can do so here.


Bathroom Leak Case Study - before the bath was resealed


Bathroom leak - after the job was complete