Plumbing emergencies never happen at a convenient moment. You’ll likely to have a burst pipe or overflowing toilet at 3am, or right before your in-laws are coming over for Christmas dinner. The most experienced emergency plumbers in East London have seen and heard it all. You never have to feel embarrassed when you need to find a plumber. Here’s just a few of the questions frequently asked of an emergency plumber.

Why Did My Pipes Burst?

A burst pipe is one of a home owner’s worst nightmares. Not only will you have to find a plumber to fix it, but the water may do damage to your walls, flooring, and belongings. It can be a costly and frustrating issue to deal with.

Naturally, an emergency plumber in East London hears a lot of questions about why this happened, and how the homeowner can prevent a future disaster.

Burst pipes can be caused by several factors. The most obvious is from the expansion of freezing water during a winter cold snap. To avoid this problem, you can insulate your pipes, winterize your home, and even leave your water running at a slow trickle on nights when a freeze is predicted.

Corrosion of old pipes is also a common cause of burst pipes, especially in older homes. Unfortunately, the only way to prevent this is a complete plumbing overhaul, replacing old pipes with new. This is a big job, but may save money in the long run when it prevents you from having multiple emergency plumber visits in one year.

How Soon Can You Get Here?

It’s important to get a plumbing emergency taken care of as quickly as possible, to avoid further damage to your home and disruptions to your daily life. A good plumber recognizes this and will be there as soon as distance and their current workload allows. The most reliable plumbers will arrive within a half hour of your call.

For this reason, when you need to find a plumber, ask yourself this: “Is it more important to get a plumber who is cheap, or a plumber near me?” If you’re having a plumbing emergency in East London, you’ll want an emergency plumber from East London, not South London!

What Will This Cost Me?

This is almost always the first thought a homeowner has when they see a plumbing disaster unfolding. No matter how much you have saved up for a rainy day, it’s never a happy prospect to realize your savings are going to repair a burst pipe or jammed garbage disposal.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to estimate what a plumbing repair will cost until the job is done. Sometimes there are unexpected complications, such as when a burst pipe turns out to be a symptom of multiple unsecured pipes banging around inside a wall.

A good emergency plumber will keep you appraised of the costs as they work, letting you know when they need to replace a part or when they’ve found another urgent problem that needs to be addressed. They will also be equipped to handle any plumbing emergency you may have, keeping the necessary tools and parts on hand.

How Can I Prevent Future Plumbing Problems?

Plumbing problems happen to everyone. You probably didn’t do anything to deserve it, it’s simply a side effect of living in a home that experiences regular wear and tear. Your emergency plumber can give you some advice on how to avoid future problems, but in every life, some rain must fall – and sometimes it’s coming from a leaky pipe in the attic.