Best Solution to Overflowing Toilet: Emergency Plumber in Harrow

No one is ever truly ready for the surprise of a plumbing disaster, especially one as large as an overflowing toilet. Whether by happenstance or by clogged pipes, overflowing toilets are not the cleanest of plumbing mishaps and can often leave people hesitant and in a state of shock, not knowing what to do. Luckily, an experienced emergency plumber in Harrow or a plumber in Ealing is not but a phone call away, ready to tackle the most difficult toilet catastrophes. Their speed and readiness will have your toilet back to working conditions in no time at all, working better than before.

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What Can Cause a Toilet to Overflow

Sometimes the best fix to a problem is working toward avoiding the problem altogether. This is no different when it comes to bathroom fixtures. Toilets are likely to overflow simply due to a blockage in the pipes and then gravity taking over.

When you flush a toilet, the waste flows down into the pipe and the cistern behind the toilet refills the bowl with new water. If the pipe is blocked, the cistern will still release the water to fill the bowl but the water will have nowhere to go except all over the bathroom floor.

Your emergency plumber in Harrow will tell you toilets can only handle certain amounts of solid waste at a time being flushed and toilets are rated differently to give you an idea of exactly how much they can handle. The most common toilets have two different flush options that are aimed to save you water (and in turn, money) each time you flush. Using the wrong flush option, coupled with too much toilet paper, is a sure-fire way to potentially cause a blockage. You should always keep these things in mind when you use a toilet to avoid any major problem.

What to do If There is an Overflow

Unfortunately, sometimes life will get the better of us and things will happen. The first thing to do if there is an overflow is not panic. If there is access, turning off the water supply to the toilet will save more water from leaving from the cistern and filling the bowl. Some homes have hidden cisterns and the water supply is not so easily accessible, in which case turning off the main water supply might be the quickest and most appropriate option until a plumber arrives. An emergency plumber in Harrow (or you can find a plumber in London proper) is just a phone call away and will arrive quickly to fix your toilet troubles.

Once they fix the problem, try and find out the cause of the overflow. It could have been more than just a blockage, like maybe a faulty appliance entirely. Or maybe the toilet as a whole is fine but the piping throughout the house is blocked by something. Regardless of the cause of the issue, getting to the root of the problem is key to ensuring your home is running properly and the emergency plumbers are there to help you every step of the way.