When Is It Time to Find an Emergency Plumber in Harrow?

Some folks are worrywarts – any time there is a plumbing-related issue, they rush for the Yellow Pages or phonebook in search of an emergency plumber. However, this is not always necessary. Several plumbing issues can be tackled on your own, without the expert services of an emergency plumber in Harrow, or the greater London metropolis. A plumbing emergency is a situation that requires expert assistance immediately.

A tap that drips slightly is not a plumbing emergency, but it does require attention sooner rather than later. Toilets are a common issue that often get misdiagnosed as plumbing emergencies. You may find that the toilet appears to be leaking from the cistern. Perhaps the toilet handle doesn’t return to its normal position after the toilet bowl refills. In this situation, you may wish to remove the lid from the cistern and manually adjust it.

But a plumbing emergency is entirely different. Plumbing emergencies require immediate attention. When there is no hot water, there is a substantial water leak, or burst water pipes, you will need to find an emergency plumber in Harrow post-haste. Burst pipes can ruin your carpets, your furniture, and your floors within minutes. They are also detrimental to your cabinetry and present a major slipping hazard.

There are several reasons why a water pipe may rupture, including poorly installed fittings, earth tremours (movements in your house or building), age, and perhaps even renovations that have been conducted, resulting in damage to water pipes. If you happen to find a burst pipe, it is imperative that you turn off the water supply quickly. This will prevent any further flooding in your home. At this point, you will want to find a professional 24 hour plumber in London to attend to these issues.

Water Leaks? Emergency Services Needed or Not?

Another issue that requires emergency assistance is a water leak – not simply a drop here or there. A steady leak is a severe problem that requires urgent attention. Most of the time, leaks result from failed washers, but there may be other causes, such as poor connections, corrosion, cracks, or faulty fixtures.

Remember that a slow and steady trickle can work its way into a stream of gushing water. This is certainly not something that you want to toy around with. The best idea is to have it seen to by a plumbing professional as soon as possible. Find an emergency plumber in Harrow who is rated highly within the community. Plumbers must be gas certified, fully equipped to deal with your exigency, and priced appropriately. The best emergency plumbers can attend to all manner of plumbing emergencies including:

  • Shower, toilet and tap repairs
  • Radiator problems and leaking bathtubs
  • Burst pipes, blocked drains, water leaks
  • Central heating problems, dripping taps and others

Characteristics of the Best Emergency Plumbers

The hallmarks of a quality boiler repair London professional are promptness, proficiency, and price. When you make that call for an emergency plumber, you will want assurances that they will respond to you within 30 minutes or less. Additionally, these plumbers need to avail themselves to you 24/7. Since many plumbing companies respond to telephone calls during business hours from 7 AM through 5 PM Monday through Friday, this will not suffice for an emergency plumber in Harrow.

You need the plumbers to be up and ready to roll at any given time. Of course, the time of day, or night, that you make that call will determine the costs of the professional plumbing services. Regular business hours are the most affordable for plumbing emergencies, while the graveyard shift, between 12 AM and 7 AM, is typically the most expensive time to call an emergency plumber. Nonetheless, the costs you pay are a pittance compared to the damage your home will be subjected to if you don’t make that call.

Overflowing toilets are more than a nuisance, they are a plumbing emergency. If you cannot rectify the problem on your own using a plunger, you will need to call an emergency plumber to deal with the problem. Sewerage leaks are a health hazard and could be indicative of a bigger problem in the plumbing system. When drains are blocked, you could be dealing with more than a smelly situation. Local plumbers will tell you what you can do to prevent your toilets from backing up in the future. Often, it’s a case of disposing too much toilet paper, or other items in the toilet which causes the blockage. Make that call and let the experts assist you before things get out of control.

Call an Emergency Plumber Immediately If You Have a Gas Leak

For many of us, the worst-case scenario is a gas leak. This is not something to toy around with. If you have a gas leak in your home, you must get on the phone or the Internet and contact an emergency plumber in Harrow in double-quick time. Gas leaks can cause explosions, and death.

The first thing you do in the event of a gas leak is turn off the main gas valves. Next, ventilate your apartment or home by opening all the windows, including the front door. If you have pets and children, get them outside and keep them safe. Remember that gas can cause suffocation in small spaces, and it’s extremely flammable. Whenever you suspect a gas leak, be sure that you have turned off the electrical supply, and do not smoke, or ignite anything in the apartment or home.