Emergency Plumber Rates Aren’t as Bad as You Think!

Emergency plumber rates won't scare your piggy bank

At some point in their life everyone will probably need an emergency plumber at least once. No one is excited when it happens and it always seems to be when everything else is already going wrong that day. Especially during the winter season as the weather changes, plumbers are needed now more than ever to combat those pesky mishaps. Emergency plumber rates seem to be the deciding factor for most people when choosing which plumber to go with. Everyone holds their breath as they press the search button hoping it won’t cost an arm and a leg just to fix a broken pipe or appliance. These rates for emergency plumbers, however, are not as scary as you might think.

What is a Good Rate?

When it comes to any kind of home repair rate, the best rates are the ones that are completely transparent and do not contain any hidden fees or surcharges. A flat rate that can be easily found in a comprehensive table will draw the most customers because of the ease and reliability of the rate. For a service that provides emergency 24-hour care, expect rates to be a bit higher during off times of the day and especially off times on the weekend or holidays. The average per hour rate is around 85 pounds during the weekday for the average appliance and plumbing issue. This price can increase to as much as 200 pounds per hour between 12am and 7am early Sunday and Monday mornings. These rates are just the labour prices as materials and VAT will be extra depending on the amount of materials used.

When it comes to deciding on reasonable rates to pay a plumber you must assess the damage done to your home and the qualifications and readiness of the plumber to take care of the job. A reputable plumber might charge a bit more, but you know you are getting a well-qualified person to take care of the job and you know they will be honest and true to the work they do. Good plumbing companies will also provide you with estimates before just jumping into a task so that you know exactly how much the fix will be and what will be required to complete it. These estimates should be received in writing as a way to protect both the plumber and customer.

Location Counts!

Finding a plumber is also about location just as much as cost. To find a plumber in London is easy, but to find a reputable plumber you can trust is another thing entirely. You should start with as local as you can. For instance, if you live in Muswell Hill, then try to find a plumber in Muswell Hill rather than greater London. Overall, plumbing rates are not as crazy as you might think and are very reasonable for the work that needs to be done. If you find yourself needing a plumber call your local plumber today.