Have you ever heard that annoying drip that only seems to come in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep? Or found a pool of water that you didn’t notice until half of the carpet in the bedroom next to the washroom was soaking wet? The only thing that can make these unlucky life events more upsetting is not having a plumber readily available to help. When I am looking for a house to buy, one of the first things on my priority list in terms of location is how close an emergency plumber in my area of residence is.

When my sink is leaking I am grateful for emergency plumbers in my area

How Close is Close Enough?

When you look at the big picture, there are lot of things than can go into deciding exactly how close you really need the plumber. Let’s say I live in downtown London right on the river. There might be 10 emergency plumbers in my area, which means I could maybe not need to worry so much as I know they are only a quick drive away. But if I were to live more in the outskirts of the city and found myself needing help, such as Winchmore Hill plumbing services, it might behoove me to check the proximity of an emergency plumber near me.

Proactive Thinking Never Hurts

Before you make the decision to move to a new place, get in contact with the plumbers in the area and establish a relationship. My area’s emergency plumbers know me by name and they know the level of courtesy I would extend to them should I ever need their assistance. The same way I would want to have a working relationship with the local police in the event of an emergency, having that relationship with the emergency plumbers in my area make those dreadful plumbing emergencies a little less stressful.

Knowing your local plumber also builds that trust between you because you know the work being done is being done correctly. If a pipe bursts in my house, I know exactly who I am calling and I trust them to do the work swiftly and with great attention to detail, all at a fair market price. I know they are not going to overcharge me or tell me something needs to be fixed when in fact it is fine. They will come, do the job, and be just a phone call away should I need them again. Knowing your plumbers might even help you learn tips and tricks for preparing your home for bad weather, or the best care methods for ensuring long lasting appliances. I know I would much rather get cold weather plumbing tips from my local plumber rather than an internet ad.

My area’s emergency plumbers are members of my community and they should be treated as such. There are many benefits to knowing your emergency plumbers and you should take the time to get to know where they are so when you are stuck with that plumbing emergency, you will know what to do.