Expert Plumbers in Stratford are Ready to Help with Your Washing Machine Repairs

Is your washing machine giving you a hard time? Find an expert plumber in Stratford to help you with washing machine repairs. The next time your laundry piles up you won’t need to worry about it and you’ll be able to go about your daily business. Relax, enjoy your coffee, or go for a bicycle ride in the neighbourhood while your washing machine is doing its work. Expert plumbers in Bermondsey and Stratford are available and have all the tools, parts and expertise to repair your machine. Regardless of the brand, professional plumbers can fix all washing machines.

There may be several reasons why your machine needs the expert assistance of a licensed plumber. What is it that isn’t working? Perhaps your washing machine simply won’t turn on, or maybe the drum is not spinning? Another common issue is a leaking washing machine. Sometimes the water doesn’t fill properly, or it simply won’t drain. The laundry list of possible problems is mind boggling. An expert plumber in Bermondsey has the requisite technical knowledge to fix your washing machine. Sometimes, you may be able to resolve the issue on your own. Keep reading our guide for the steps you can take to keep your washing machine going strong. 


What Can You Do to Keep Your Washing Machine Working?

There are cases where you take steps to ‘repair’ your washing machine on your own. Let’s explore these options further:


Clean Your Washing Machine if it Smells or Has Mold

You may have noticed a smell emitting from the washing machine, or even discovered mold. In these cases you will want to thoroughly clean out your washing machine. Here we provide detailed instructions on how to go about cleaning your washing machine and getting it back in tip-top shape:

  • Add 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda into the dispenser
  • Pour ½ cup of plain white vinegar into the drum
  • Set your machine on the highest temperature cycle
  • If your washing machine is top loading, then add the bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar straight into the machine drum.

Sometimes mold accumulates on or around the rubber seal of your washing machine. Take a paper towel with some white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and scrub it clean. This should get your machine back to normal. Here’s another tip to prevent a recurrence of the mold problem: Keep the door of your washing machine slightly ajar to enable it to dry out. But keep the room to the laundry closed if you have pets or young children.


Clean the Detergent Drawer

The detergent drawer routinely gets filled with slimy goo over time. This is usually a soap scum from the washing powder and detergent. Remove the drawer as instructed in the manual and scrub it clean.


Clean the Filters

Filters may be the reasons why your washing machine has broken down. Read through your user manual where the filters are located. Scrub the filter with a sponge or an old toothbrush. If this doesn’t get your machine back to working order, then you should probably find a plumber.


Loading Your Machine Correctly

If your washing machine is malfunctioning, make sure you are not overfilling your machine. Another frequent problem is underfilling your washing machine. If you are trying to wash a small amount of laundry, the drum may not spin. A newer machine will have balance sensors which will prevent the machine from spinning since it can cause excessive vibration. If that does not get your machine working, you really ought to call a plumber in Stratford.

Solving Problems with Washing Machines

And there you have it! Your quick and easy guide to solving problems when something goes wrong. These tips will also help you to prolong the life of your appliances. In certain instances, you can solve the problem on your own, at other times however, it is best to call one of the experienced Stratford plumbers to prevent a minor problem from spilling over into a bigger problem.

The last thing you need is a flooded home, perhaps even an electrical hazard. An experienced plumber can repair all kinds of home appliances. These include dryers, AC units, boilers and more. The next time you have a problem with your washing machine you may just wish to find a plumber near you to get it taken care of.