Find a Plumber in London to Service Your New Home

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Moving to a new home in the London area can be very stressful and the to-do list can be so long. You might not think to find a plumber in London, because how often do you need a plumber? Well, more often than you probably realize, and the last thing you want to happen is some emergency situation where you need a plumber quickly and do not know what to do. One of the first things you should do when moving to a new home is call a local plumber to come inspect your house. Before you purchase a home, there are plumbing standards that should be met but it is still vital to make sure nothing slipped by the initial inspection. Take the opportunity to find a plumber, meet with them, and ensure everything is up to par.


There are some things every new homeowner should do and keep in mind after they have met with their new plumber and have had their home inspected. One of the most crucial things to know is where your main water shutoff valve is (and if you do not know, your plumber will be able to tell you). If there is ever a problem and there is a leak or pipe burst, this is your saving grace and will shut off all water running to your home. Wherever you live, whether you need a plumber in north London, south London, or anywhere in the greater metropolitan area, our plumbers will be there for you.


24-Hour Boiler Repair

Another great service plumbers can provide is 24-hour boiler repair. During those cold, rainy, nights, a working boiler is essential to the comfort of your new home. A gas-certified emergency plumber is more than happy to assist should your boiler fail at odd hours. They will also be able to give you basic upkeep and cleaning information so your boiler stays running for as long as possible. During the colder months, it is also helpful for you to detach outdoor hoses and cover or insulate any outdoor valves to reduce the risk of freezing water in the pipes.


Knowing When You Have an Emergency

When you need to find a plumber in London for an emergency, make sure it is an emergency that you are unable to handle yourself. There are lot of times when we could be surprised or nervous about the situation and we are compelled to call an emergency plumber even if it is not necessary. It will cost you more money in the long run if you call a plumber out to do a job and it is something that could have waited a day or two for a scheduled visit.

The first time you meet with your new plumber, ask them for some general plumbing advice, such as what tools you should have on hand for a simple repair, and how to stop a running toilet. Being able to fix things before they get out of hand can save you from having to make an emergency call at two in the morning.

Nevertheless, it is still imperative that you have the contact information for at least two plumbers that can respond immediately in the event of an actual emergency. Knowing that you have professional help available when you need it will make you feel much more comfortable in your new home.