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Gas boilers are the most commonly used boilers in the UK. There are a few different types of gas boilers with Combi boilers being the most popular in the UK. Here’s a short description of each of these different types of gas boilers that can help you decide which kind of gas boiler you want in your home.

Combi Gas boilers

Gas Combi boilers are very popular owing to their space saving benefits and the fact that they provide a constant flow of on-demand hot water and heating to your radiators as well as saving money on your hot water. They’re not bulky like conventional gas boilers so can fit into most kitchens or storage cupboards. They are also quite easy and straightforward to install since they have minimal piping.

With a Combi boiler hot water is always on demand, since the water feeds directly from the mains.

One of the disadvantages of having a Combi boiler is that if you have more than one bathroom and use a few appliances at the same time, you may experience a decline in water pressure. You can get round this by avoiding the use of more than one appliance at a time.

System boilers

System Gas boilers are traditionally found in airing cupboards and work with a water cylinder.  There’s no need for a cold water storage tanks since the cold water supply is pumped directly to the boiler, making it a great space saving option. They are economical since they provide hot water on demand without any need for a storage cylinder. Multiple taps can be used at any one time, so suitable for families that will be using the water in more than one place at a time. On the down side the hot water takes time to heat up and can also run out.

Conventional boilers 

Conventional (or regular) Gas boilers are much bulkier since they are made up of both a cylinder and a tank. The boiler is separate from the hot water cylinder which is usually located in the airing cupboard. The hot water can be used simultaneously from multiple taps making it ideal for families and larger households with two or more bathrooms.  They’re not ideal if you’re short with space since the cylinder also takes up space.

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