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If your boiler is a bit on the old side then it could be time for boiler replacement! We offer a reliable, professional and reputable boiler replacement Harrow

You should opt for a boiler that is energy efficient, like most modern boilers are condensing boilers which burn fuel much more efficiently. They have larger heat exchangers which mean that they lose less heat and hot gases up the flue and recover more heat. The heat that is recovered is then recycled and used to reheat water coming back into the boiler system from your radiators.

A new boiler is a big investment so it’s important that you get it right. One of our Harrow heating engineers will be happy to guide you in the right direction and assist with your decision-making.

Professional gas safe registered engineers to carry out your boiler replacement service and maintenance in Harrow.

We offer competitive plumber prices without compromising on quality. Our heating engineers are all fully trained and Gas Safe registered to carry out your boiler installation. Every boiler we install includes a free two-year labour and parts guarantee. Most of the boilers we supply come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty with the option to extend to 10 years. Our heating installers take great pride in their work and always ensure that they work tidily leaving your place exactly how they found it. They will also take your old boiler with them should you wish them to. Our dedicated customer service team will follow up with you soon after to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your new boiler and our service.


When you plan to replace your boiler there are a few factors to take into consideration to decide what type of boiler you want and need:

    • Fuel type – If your home has mains gas, then a gas boiler works out more cost effective. If you do not have a gas connection it might be worth checking to see if it is going to be worth your while to get one.
    • Type of boiler – Rather than the hot water coming straight from your boiler, the usual gas and oil boilers use a separate hot water cylinder to store hot water. Combi boilers do not need this separate cylinder. Although regular boilers are more efficient than combi boilers at producing hot water, some heat will escape from the hot water cylinder. This means that the combi boiler may be greater in its overall efficiency.
    • How much hot water you are likely to use? A larger family may benefit more from a regular boiler whereas those using less water may benefit more from a combi boiler. If space is more of an issue, then combi boilers take up less space since they don’t have a hot water cylinder. It is worth noting that solar water heating systems are not compatible with combi boilers if you are thinking about going down this route for your replacement boiler.

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