How to install a new toilet

Installing a new toilet is a straight forward job unless the supply and waste pipes are not already in position. If they’re not, it’s important to call in a professional; since the rerouting will need to be done by a professional plumber. Give Plumbers London a call and we’ll be happy to help. In the meantime here’s a guide for the DIY minded out there.

  1. Shut off the water supply

Shut off the water supply to the toilet via the valve (usually found by the side). Flush the toilet to completely clear the water from the tank as well as the bowl. Clear any excess left over with a scoop.

  1. Disconnect toilet

Remove the nuts and bolts that attach the toilet to the water supply. Also remove caps and the underlying nuts that attach the actual base of the toilet. Put the toilet to one side out of the way with care to avoid any spillage.

  1. Loosen the seal

With a utility knife to loosen the seal between the floor and the bowl and then lift the toilet away by rocking it side to side. Block the drainpipe with some old rags to prevent any sewer gas from escaping.

  1. Now for the new toilet

Fix bolts around the soil pipe or flange, depending on the type of toilet you have. Turn the bowl upside down and arrange the wax ring around the hole at the base from where waste is emptied. Return the toilet bowl back and set in place on top of the soil pipe.

Tighten the nuts and bolts, securing the toilet into place. If need be rock the toilet into place. Once secured place the caps to the bolts, to secure them into place.
Install the bowl according to manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring that the gasket is securely in place to avoid leaking water.

  1. Attach the toilet seat

Once the entire toilet is in place, hook up the supply line and switch on water flow. You may need to make some adjustments to the float or flapper if water runs into the bowl when the tank is filling up. Last but not least time to test the flush and to see if the tank empties into the bowl. Adjustments may need to be made to the chain and overflow. If all works well, give yourself a pat on the back; you have successfully installed your new toilet.

Congratulations, you now have installed a new toilet, but in the future if you will ever be needing a toilet unblocker services, please feel free to call us on:

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