How to prevent flood or water damage?

With climate change underway and with heavy rainfall and violent storms becoming the norm, scenes of flooding up and down the country have become all too familiar.

The effects can be devastating both on a practical and emotional level. The loss of our worldly possessions, especially those of sentimental value such as irreplaceable photos as well as the prospect of being left temporarily homeless with thousands of pounds of damage to contend with gives us a good enough reason to do all within our power to prevent flooding and water damage.

It’s impossible to completely prevent a flood from happening, but we can take a few preventative measures in order to protect our goods both at home or at work:
• If you are in a high risk area try to use rugs on a tiled floor as opposed to fitted carpets or wooden floors. Tiles are very durable and this way in the event of a flood the rugs can just be removed.

• It might be worth considering having a coating of waterproof paint on your walls. Also flood proof doors and windows are well worth thinking about if you live in an area prone to flooding as well as the use of water resistant materials both in your bathroom and kitchen.
• If you have any sentimental items such as photos or important documents i.e. passports etc, it is advisable to keep them in waterproof bags ideally kept upstairs or on a high up shelf.
• Keep expensive electrical equipment such as TV’s and music players mounted high up on a wall. White goods can also be kept on supports to prevent damage.
• If your property is at risk of flooding it might be worth investing in a few DIY protection products to keep on standby just in case. Items such as sandbags, free standing water barriers, airbrick covers and window and door floor guards are widely available on the market.
• Keeping your drains well cleared could be the key to being flooded or not, since a blocked drain will prevent water from running away. Do your best to ensure that they are kept unblocked and clear of debris.
Remember prevention is better than cure and it’s always worth to be prepared for some of life’s surprises that get thrown our way.
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