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Impact Moling Undertaken

Impact Moling is one of the oldest and most straightforward methods of trenchless technologies. It works well where the installation of small diameter pipes in compressible soils is required over a short distance. Whereas digging a trench to install pipes can take four days of excavation and backfill, the Impact Moling method takes just one day. Impact Moling saves both time and money as well as saving on disruption to the customer since there’s no upheaval of the land involved.

Our plumbers are fully qualified to carry out Impact Moling techniques which are the simplest and least expensive trenchless technology installation method. With Impact Moling, installation of new pipes, ducts and cables are made possible without having to dig trenches. The no dig technique is cost effective, reliable and reduces installation time and disturbance to the ground and also takes away the need for your patio or driveway to be lifted.

Installations can be used for all small utility services such as gas pipes, water pipes, cables and ducts under gardens, patios, driveways, gardens, roads and railways. This method involves pneumatically driven machines known as an Impact Mole (like a ground torpedo) which forces a tunnel like path (exactly like a mole would dig out) through the ground towards its target displacing the soil underground to make way for the pipes and eliminating the need to dig a trench in order for the pipe to be laid.

Once the mole has passed through the earth, the pipe can be pulled through the long horizontal tunnel carved out by the mole as the mole is extracted. The bore hole is 15-25% larger than the product pipe to be installed.

There are steerable moles now available that are ideal for directional drilling. The operator is able to steer the mole by rotating the face towards the desired route. This helps make certain moling jobs much easier and more precise as the operator can decide exactly where to mole and avoid any obstacles that a regular mole would not be able to avoid due to its inability to steer and move out of the way.

We provide the following services. Impact Moling (Trenchless installation) for:

  • Water mains.
  • Gas pipes.
  • Electric cables.
  • Burst water main repairs.
  • Ducts for telecom cables.

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