moving tips

Moving tips? Seven useful moving tips that will make your life much easier

Label the boxes

Make life easier by labelling the boxes to display its contents as well as colour coding them according to which room the goods should go in. Keep the important stuff that you may need straight away at the top.

Have the essentials ready

The last thing you will feel like doing after a move is cleaning. Have your new home clean and ready and prepare the bathroom with a few essentials such as putting up a shower curtain, towels and toilet paper. Have the kettle and a few snacks accessible. You will probably need a nice long hot shower and a nice cup of tea after a day of moving.

Keep the drawers as they are

Save yourself from unpacking the drawers and save on moving boxes! You can keep them intact in the drawers by wrapping them in cling film and taping them up.

Pack smart

Socks, clothes and towels do the same job as bubble wrap. Laundry baskets, hampers and suitcases can save on boxes. Plates packed in the box vertically are less likely to break. Rather than wrap up each plate individually, try placing a disposable foam plate between each one for minimum effort.

Sandwich bags work like a charm

Sandwich bags can come in handy for keeping any small parts or screws safe.  Make sure you label the bags clearly and keep them attached to the item of furniture they belong to.

Photograph how the wires on your electronics are connected

If you can never remember which wire goes where; a handy little tip is simply to take a picture of the item showing how they’re all connected; easy peasy!

Book the plumber

Be sure to have a plumber scheduled if you need your washing machine, dish washer etc plumbed in. It may be worthwhile getting the plumbing checked over as well, to make sure that there are no hidden problems in the house and everything is in full working order. Emergency Plumbers London can be booked at short notice or ahead of time at a time that is convenient for you.