When Emergencies Arise in the Middle of the Night and You Need a 24 Hour Plumber


Most of us don’t typically concern ourselves with the pipes and drainage systems in our homes. However, an emergency may occur and can be quite a nuisance. Perhaps it’s outside work hours, in the middle of the night, on a weekend or holiday and there is a problem with the piping or drainage systems. You may be wondering whether a pipe has burst or is frozen shut. Perhaps the toilet is blocked, or the drainage system is clogged?  It may be that the sewer system, or the boiler is in need of immediate repair. Given the complexity of plumbing systems, there are a number of issues which can arise.

Some issues are more urgent than others and must be handled as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many plumbing problems occur during the witching hour, and some of them cannot wait until morning. We know how difficult it is to have to deal with such occurrences. Nobody wants water flooding their homes and damaging their valuables. By the same token, nobody wants to be without running water or a working toilet. If this happens to you, your best bet might be to start looking for an emergency plumber in Chingford. A 24 hour plumber has all the necessary skills, resources and abilities to repair damage before it escalates into a much larger problem. Plus, they can provide expert plumbing services 24/7 throughout the year. 

In What Instances Should You Call an Emergency Plumber?

A pipe has burst

A burst pipe is a serious plumbing emergency, and routinely requires immediate attention. Time wasted trying to mend this yourself may end up flooding your home and damaging the entire plumbing system. If a pipe bursts, act fast and call a 24 hour plumber in Chingford. The plumber will be able to isolate the problem and reduce the impact of the flooding damage. It is also important for you to know where to turn off the water supply to your apartment or home. That safety valve can cut off the water supply while you’re waiting for the emergency plumber to arrive.

A pipe is frozen

Freezing temperatures routinely occur in the UK, with frozen pipes being a concern. When the mercury plunges, you may notice that the water stops flowing in your home. It could be that pipes are frozen which makes them expand. This can cause the pipes to burst.  Frozen pipes are a reason to call an emergency plumber and get your piping system examined. The plumber will be able to locate where the pipe is frozen and repair it accordingly.

A toilet is blocked

A blocked toilet is an unpleasant issue and needs to be taken care of quickly. You may be able to unclog it yourself. One reason for a clogged toilet is flushing of wet wipes, or too much toilet roll, newspaper, even sanitary pads. If you can’t unclog it yourself, failure to mend a blocked toilet can cause it to overflow and create a horrible mess in your bathroom. An emergency plumber near you will be able to handle the blockage.

Drainage is clogged

Usually your drains work well and a slow-moving drain is not an emergency. You can deal with this yourself, or simply call a plumber during normal hours on weekdays. However, it can happen that you can’t unblock it, and the drain starts to back up. When water accumulates rapidly, your sink, bathtub or basin may be in danger of overflowing. Overflowing water can quickly become dangerous especially if it spreads and causes damage to electrical networks. Then you will need to call a 24 hour emergency plumber with the proper tools to unblock the drain and repair your plumbing system.

Sewer needs repair

The sight and smell of sewage flooding your home is unseemly to say the least. This issue requires an immediate response, especially if you smell sewage in your home. If it comes to the stage where it creates flooding you should call an emergency plumber near you who will be able to take care of the damage.

Boiler needs repair

Whether it’s the middle of an icy winter, or a cold morning in the UK, boiler problems are always a concern. If you’re left with no hot water owing to a boiler problem, you may need to consult with an emergency plumber. The boiler might be leaking or not firing up correctly. This could be an instance where you will appreciate being able to call a 24 hour plumber to repair this issue outside of normal working hours.

Make That Call if These Plumbing Problems Exist

A plumbing or drainage problem can easily devolve into an emergency. At times like this, you will be happy that there are experienced emergency plumbers in Chingford. It’s always best to consult with a professional in the aforementioned instances. If you are unable to repair the damage yourself, an emergency plumber can keep the damage at bay avoiding a possible calamity within your home. Plus, when you take care of plumbing problems before they become an emergency, you will also keep the costs of repair to a minimum.