Burst Pipe? Call a Plumber in East London

Plumbing mishaps always seem to strike at the worst possible time, and being prepared for them is very hard to do. Often times, we are left acting reactively, and even in a small state of panic, trying to wrap our head around exactly what is going on.

woman calls a plumber in east london for a burst pipe

A burst pipe can be one of the most difficult plumbing problems to manage and keep under control until an emergency plumber arrives. Unless you know exactly where the break in the pipe is, usually you end up going in and working blind.


Though some plumbing jobs can be handled on your own, burst pipes should be left to the professionals. With options ranging from a plumber in east London, to plumbers in the west and all around the city, you will not have to wait long for a knight in blue coveralls.


Causes of Burst Pipes, and How to Prevent Them


Tackling burst pipes is no easy feat, but understanding what causes them could help prevent them from bursting in the future. Everyone in London knows how cruel the winter temperatures can be, and which are especially damaging to plumbing networks. Freezing pipes account for the largest factor of the causes of burst pipes. As water freezes and expands, the weak points in the pipe are exaggerated and eventually give, flooding your home with water. Simply checking the insulation around your pipes on a recurring basis can help prevent unwanted destruction. If you are unsure if the insulation is good enough, call a plumber in east London to come check for you. The worst thing to do is wait until there is a problem, leaving you to check the papers for “an emergency plumber near me.”


Another huge cause of burst pipes is deterioration of the pipe through age. This is a little harder to catch, but can be just as damaging. You need to check your pipes, or have a plumber check them to see if they are in need of repair or replacement. There is no general rule for how often you should have someone check them as it all depends on the environment. If you live in the Isle of Dogs, for example, a plumber in E14 might tell you to check more often since the river is close by and the ground water will affect your pipes differently. This would be different for someone who lives in a more rural area outside of the city.


Always Call a Professional


The best way to handle a burst pipe is to call a professional plumber to fix it. Once you notice a problem, turn the main water off immediately and then call a plumber in east London or another plumber near you. You want to save as much as you can so turning the main water off should be the first thing you do.


At the end of the day, plumbing emergencies happen to the best of us, but we can do our best to stay ahead of them and be ready for anything that might happen.