For Faucet Installations, Call a Plumber in N4 (or Any Neighbourhood)

Plumbing appliance installation can be a difficult task for even the most seasoned home repair specialist. Regardless of the appliance, connecting the correct plumbing lines and fitting the appliance into the home should be left to the experts, such as a plumber in N4.

Installing faucets is one of those appliances that needs to be done right the first time, as even the smallest mistake can be very costly in the long run. Faucets come in a variety of types with multiple parts, which can mean finding that balance between hot and cold water can be tough to perfect. In the heart of London, a plumber in N4 can make sure your faucet runs perfectly, without fail.

running faucet, faucet installed by plumber in n4

 Points to Consider for Faucet Replacement

Choosing to install a new faucet is typically done as an aesthetic choice, and not usually something that is recurring, like changing the batteries in smoke alarms or cleaning an air filter. When you do decide to make the switch and upgrade from the basic builder’s faucet, there are certain things to keep in mind when shopping around.

The first is to make sure you know the size of the faucet housing unit. For example, a kitchen sink faucet will usually be larger and have more water pressure than a bathroom faucet. They also might come with two separate and independent water temperature controls, rather than one singular lever than controls both hot and cold. Faucets for sinks are also very different than faucets for bathtubs, though they might look similar.

Contacting a professional plumber to fit the water lines correctly might be beneficial as you do not want to deal with a leak in the line, or a faucet that does not work entirely. Even if you handle the install yourself, having your worked checked for correctness would not be a bad idea.

 Ongoing Plumbing Check-Ups

After your new faucet is installed, it is important to check the faucet once or twice a year to ensure everything is still working properly and the connections are still intact. The pipes and faucets themselves will not corrode or break so fast, but the seals around them could potentially break down and need replacing. Keeping them clean is the best way to ensure they stay firm and last as long as possible. No matter where you live in London, a plumber in Hammersmith, or a plumber in Shephard’s Bush, or even one potentially closer to you, can be there at any hour in the event of an emergency leak.

Faucet installation is not a major home remodelling project by any means, but it does have some technicality and precision to it. Just like with larger home remodels and repairs, an expert eye is always beneficial in making sure the job is done the right way. A plumber in N4 is there to help you with any of your plumbing needs. From the largest bathtub, down to the smallest faucet installation, expert advice is just a phone call away.