Often times, no one is really prepared when a plumbing emergency happens in the house, and when it does, we jump on the internet not knowing what to do. Even though hopping on Google and typing in “Emergency Plumber Near Me” will probably lead you in the right direction, you could be charged enormous amounts of money for something that was a simple fix or even could have been avoided altogether.


If something does happen in your home, don’t panic, the quickest temporary fix – until the plumber arrives – is to shut off the water line closest to the leak. Under the sinks, behind the toilet, and typically on one wall there will be a main water shut off valve for the entire house or flat. But there are ways to avoid these mishaps entirely:

1 – Check the seals around the plumbing fixtures at least every six months. You might not need to replace them but just look at the seals on both the top and bottom sides to make sure there is no breaking down of the rubber or discolouration of the site.

2 – Check the accessible water lines as well to make sure there are no signs of degrading of the line itself. If there is a small drip leak that is not originating from the seals, you can dry off the line and wrap it in a towel. Come back in an hour or so and where the towel is wet, that is the breach in the line. From there you can determine how to replace or fix it. Sometimes a leak is so small that a temporary fix could be some plumbers tape wrapped tightly until you can call and schedule a plumber to make the repair.

3 – Keep generic plumbing supplies around in storage; somewhere easily accessible in case of an emergency. Among these items are tape, caulking material and silicon, wrenches, extra buckets for water collection, etc.

4 – Make a note, if possible, of where the leak occurs and how it starts. It makes a plumber able to work and repair the problem a lot faster when they know where the leak is and how it started. Time can be wasted trying to find the leak if you shut off the water and clean the mess before the plumber arrives, and do not recall where it started.

5 – Build a good working relationship with a professional plumber and have their number in your phone or on your fridge as “Emergency Plumber Near Me” so you know who to call.


All of these do it yourself fixes can avoid needing an emergency plumber and can usually wait until the next day when a plumber can make a scheduled visit. However, if there is an emergency please call. If you need a plumber in Muswell Hill or a plumber in Shepherds Bush, or anywhere in the greater London area, search “emergency plumber near me”. Expert plumbers are available and ready to assist 24/7 for whatever your needs might be. No one can ever be too ready for an emergency and it is our job to make sure you are as prepared as possible.