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Ten Common Boiler Problems

We often take our boilers for granted until they break down and then we realise how lost we are without them! Having no hot water or heating during the colder winter months is nothing short of a misery. The majority of boiler breakdowns happen during the colder winter months after they’ve been out of action for some time. If in doubt about any problems relating to your boiler, always call one of our professional plumbers. Here are ten of the most common boiler problems:

Heating not working and no hot water

Finding yourself with no heating or hot water happens to the best of us. Broken diaphragms and airlocks or the failure of motorised valves can all be the culprit. Water pressure problems or issues with the thermostat can also be factors.

Unusual banging noises

Unusual noises such as gurgling, whistling or banging coming from your heating system could be a result of low water pressure or kettling.  Kettling is caused by a build up of lime scale in your heat exchange.

Leaking and dripping

One of the main causes of leaking and dripping can be due to the expansion vessel collapsing and therefore causing the water to escape from the auto air vent. This is quite a serious problem and will need resolving as quickly as possible.

Losing pressure

Usually caused by a water leak in the system. The pressure relief valve can be another factor which can be a result of the expansion vessel failing. This can be easily fixed just by having the pressure relief valve replaced and recharging the expansion vessel with air.

Frozen condensate pipe

The role of the condensate pipe is to remove waste water away from the boiler. Since this pipe runs outside, it is prone to freezing up during cold spells and causing blockages which can cause your boiler to break down. If your condensate pipes freezes up, call one of our qualified engineers to thaw it out.

Pilot light going out

A broken thermocouple could be one possible reason for the pilot light going out. This would stop the gas supply.  Also something actively blowing out the pilot light such as a draught or a build up of deposits in the pilot light could be the cause.


Hard water areas are renowned for being susceptible to lime scale build up. Kettling is a common issue caused by a build up of lime scale in your boiler’s exchange. Rumbling or banging noises can be signs of kettling.

Thermostat issues

Common problems with your thermostat can include it losing accuracy, the heating turning on/off when it’s not supposed to or misreading temperature setting. Often investing in a newer more energy efficient one can be more cost effective than getting it fixed.

Radiators not heating sufficiently

A defective pump or corrosion within the pipe work preventing the hot water to flow freely can be reasons for the radiators to not work properly. The use of chemical cleaners and flushing the system will resolve this problem.

Boiler switching off by itself

This could be caused by a number of issues such as a problem with the thermostat, lack of water flow due to a closed valve, air or the pump not circulating the water within the system sufficiently.

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