domestic problems

The most common domestic plumbing problems

Household plumbing is one of those things that we often ignore until things start to go wrong.  It is well worth familiarizing yourself with the most common plumbing problems, since sometimes it’s possible if caught early enough to do a quick fix yourself. If the problem escalates into something more serious you could find yourself faced with some unexpectedly high plumbing bills. Listed below are a few of the most common plumbing problems that can rear their ugly head from time to time!

Running toilet

A running toilet can be very problematic in that you can find yourself wasting a huge amount of water and consequently running up your water bill, not to mention the annoying constant noise.   DIY toilet kits can be used to fix a running toilet with relative ease. Whether you attempt to fix a running toilet yourself or call a professional, the sooner you get it sorted out the better.

Blocked drains

Blocked drains are particularly unpleasant because of the terrible smell they create. The use of a plunger and a bottle of drain cleaner may help with the problem, but should you find yourself constantly having to do this, you will need the assistance of a professional to resolve the problem completely and get to the root of the problem.

Dripping taps

A dripping tap is another real water waster and if ignored you can very quickly find yourself with a very high water bill. Quite often dripping taps are one of those minor annoyances that we might put off and conveniently forget about until we’re wrapped up snugly in bed and they’re keeping us awake! If you’re not very DIY minded and you can’t take care of the problem yourself, and then always seek help from a professional. The sooner the better since in the meantime your water bill is taking a hike.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure can be a result of built up mineral deposits in your shower head which inevitably leads to clogging and reduced water flow. Some basic maintenance such as cleaning the shower heads and taps can help solves the problem, but if not you can always call a Plumber at North London, East London, or South West London.