Thermal imaging to avoid unnecessary disruption to your property


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Thermal imaging to avoid unnecessary disruption to your property

We at Plumbers 4 U offer state of the art thermal imaging that enables us to provide a survey for your property without causing unnecessary disruption to your property.  It works by rendering usually invisible infrared radiation (which has a wave frequency that is too low and wavelength that is too high to be recorded by the human eye) visible and as a result gives our plumbers a visual representation of the heat within a certain area. Non-invasive and cost-effective thermal imaging can help us detect problems such as:

  • electrical faults.
  • leaks in roofs.
  • problems with mould and condensation.
  • defective insulation.
  • under floor water leaks.
  • thermal bridging.
  • air infiltration.

With heating bills getting increasingly expensive, thermal imaging can help us to establish how you might be losing heat from your home. As a result, it helps us to make your home more energy efficient saving you money on your energy bills. In many cases, air leakage can be fixed with the help of a silicone gun. Thermal imaging will highlight problem areas and give a detailed and easy to understand report.

We can also detect any electrical problems that may be lurking. Electrical components will generate heat before breaking down and our survey will show up potential problems in our easy to understand report. This enables us to establish any repairs that need to be done and in the worst case possibly prevent a potential fire.

Thermal imaging can also detect water leaks on flat roofs. Once the sun has gone down, trapped moisture and damp insulations will show up as warmer areas. If these are remedied quickly enough can save thousands of pounds on replacing the whole roof or fixing internal damage caused by the damp. The advantage of Thermal Imaging is that they’re non-invasive, and enable us to detect any problems without any disturbance to the structure of the building.

Thermal imaging can also locate under floor water leaks and enable repairs to be done without having to dig up the floor. Mould and damp problems can also be detected using our equipment which features insulation and dew point alarms which highlight the affected areas on ceilings and walls. Heat loss and air leakage can also be detected, our survey will target and highlight the problem areas that could be costing you thousands extra on your heating bills every year through heat escaping from your property.