Sometimes, just when you expect a job to be easy, things suddenly turn and that small job can turn into something bigger!!

After a call from a client who was looking for a plumber in Harrow, to replace a toilet handle for one of their tenant, we attended as arranged to find that yes, the toilet handle did need replacing, however the reason had not been given to us.

This was an older toilet cistern that had a handle as opposed to a push button flush.  The flush handle was totally missing and our engineer noticed a crack running though the hole that the handle should be fitted in.   It was reported back to us from the engineer that if he would fit a new handle then the likelihood is that the crack would worsen and the cistern would smash.  He advised that the toilet should be replaced.

The information was given to the client who agreed that we should replace the whole toilet.  The part was ordered and we returned a couple of days later to complete the job.  Just goes to show that even small of job can and should be dealt with in a professional, proactive manner.  Call our 24 hour plumbers to receive the same great service!!